How to Secure your Personal Network

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Every person nowadays is connected to internet. Internet has become a necessity in this global world. No doubt, the more active internet user you are, the more knowledge and interaction you have with the outer world. But at the same time, you are being more vulnerable to a threat to privacy

Let’s start with the basics :

What is Broad Band:-

It is a high speed network connection, there are various systems connected to one particular connection and share network and resources.

If Attack on BroadBand ?

Through a broadband connection attacker can use the connected systems, devices as a launching pad for doing malicious activities. All the communication and system’s data can be compromised by this attack.

Type of security threats on broadband:

  1. Trojans

2. Denial of Service

3. Intermediary of another attack

4. Hidden file extensions

5. Chat clients

6. Packet sniffing

7. Default Configuration

Do’s to be Secure:

  1. Always download driver from legitimate websites
  2. Change default administrative configurations and password
  3. Assign Static IP to all connected devices
  4. MAC Address Filtering: Configure Router that it will connect only those system which you assign
  5. Enable WEP/WPA2 encryption
  6. Enable Firewall
  7. ShutDown the router when in no use (in nights)

Don’t to be Secure:

  1. Don’t enable SSID broadcast.
  2. Don’t enable auto-connect to open WIFI.

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