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Prince Prafull
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Hello Readers,

You might have spoofs of films many times, nut have you heard about email spoof? A spoof film may look like actual movie or something inspired from it but Email spoofing is different.


Email spoofing is a technique in which Hacker / Attacker sent malicious payload /link to victim’s email address and Victim assumes that link is coming from trusted source / person. The glibness of the mail makes it difficult ot distinguish it from an actual trusted mail.

How Hacker Trap Victims:

Hackers send the mail on victim’s email ID as a name of any organisation i.e Here “organi” means name of the organisation.

Hackers can send malicious link or payload/ virus embedded in pdf or any form of attachment.

How can we determine the valid or trusted mail:

Lets take an example:

Suppose you get a mail from google regarding any updates on your gmail security, it appears like:

Now if we have to verify that it is a spoofed mail or not, follow these steps:

  1. You can see that on top right of the image there are three dots, Click on it

2. Now Click On “show Original” tab

A new page will gets opened having all details about the email

Now we have to check for two things in the page:

  1. Message ID: It should be from same domain from where the mail is coming

for example in this case it is and the message ID is also “”

2. Received From Header:

After going to“email header page” Press Ctrl+F and search of “Received From”, this is a header containing the originated IP of the Email.

Automate Analysis of Email headers:

  1. Check on the “Copy to Clipboard”

2. Goto

4. Paste the copied data.

It provides the detailed report of the email sent to you.

Things Need for Investigation Purpose:

  1. Screenshot of the Email Header
  2. Any File / Document attached to the email. (In pendrive or CD)


“I will catch that Criminal,U just need to give me some details”

“Report on”


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