Some Sections of IT Act all must Know

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Hello Readers,

In this blog, we’ll talk about some of the most important Sections of Indian IT Act.

An average Indian spends 6 to 7 hours per day on internet, this makes us, our identity and our personal position vulnerable to invasion and violation. If we are being out there, we need to be aware of our rights and duties, the starting point on this journey is IT Act:

We will cover some important Sections under IT Act:

Section 66: Hacking with computer System

Section 66(A): sending Offensive messages

Section 66(B): Dishonestly receiving stolen electronic devices

Section 66(C): Using password of another person without authorization.

Section 66(D): Cheating by impersonating using computer resources.

Section 66(E): Publishing Privacy of others without their concern.

Section 66(F): Acts of cyber terrorism and affect the security of India.

Section 67: Publishing information which is obscene on electronic devices

Section 67(A): Publishing materials containing sexual content.

Section 67(B): Publishing of material depicting children in sexually explicit act, etc

##Now Recently Under New IT rules issued by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology on 25th February 2021: Any User of Social Media can complaint to the respective Grievance Cell. ##

You might have experiences or have hard storied surrounding the above mentioned issues, but many times, out of embarrassment or lack of awareness, or both, we do not share it with anybody else or complain about it.

To You I would say , (Report Here)

is the place to go. you can report any and every form of cyber crime there. You can also report Anonymously also.

The Requirement Cyber Police need that You can Provide:

  1. URL of the attacker
  2. Screenshot of the abusive content


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